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Michelle ,

Thanks so much I received your cot net last Thurs a day earlier then expected. The cot net is very lovely and now I feel comfortable knowing my daughter is safe again in her crib. When my boys were babies/toddlers  we had crib tent 2 but that was between 2006-2011  before the recall . When I had my daughter I found out they have been recalled. I didn’t know what to do at nap/ bedtime my daughter wore a Zipadeezip slumber sack in hope that the sleeper would be enough to enable her to climb out of her crib .

A couple Sunday’s ago my little monkey figured out how to get out of her crib and climbed out for the 1st time wearing a sleep sack.  Thankfully she didn’t get hurt but I knew I had to do something fast before she gets  hurt. That’s when I searched the web for crib tents and I found your product. I’m so thankful I ordered your product. The cot net is made so much better then any crib tent I owned and I love it. We call the cot net (Callie’s Princess tent) thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Published on 5 May 2014

This product, the Crib Popup Safety Net, is a great option for a child with special needs, in our case Autism, who enjoys unauthorized midnight walkabouts.

My husband and I truly feel that this product has changed our lives. We can sleep soundly at night knowing that our son is safe and in his crib at all hours.

A great thanks to the product’s inventor Michelle for putting our anxiety at ease!

Snake In The House !!

Thank you for understanding my urgency in having to have one of your cot nets right away, and allowing me to drive down and pick it up even though it was very early in the morning. I feel so much better now because I am still sure where there is snake poop there is a snake. After finding the snake poop in the house I was terrified the snake would eat Jack. So I sat up all night in Jack’s nursery to scared to go to sleep. I am feeling better now that I have fitted the Baby Cot Safety Net to Jack’s cot. It was very easy to fit which was good because I am not very good at putting things together. We will all sleep better now thank you.
Julie Holland. Gympie North QLD Australia

My Baby Fell Out Of My Bed

Hi, just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with your Cot Net. It arrived yesterday and I had the best nights sleep in weeks. Sarah loves it too she thinks she is a princess. My 7 month old daughter Sarah got stuck in the cot railings. She has been sleeping in my bed with me since. But she fell out of the bed onto the floor. A friend told me about your cot safety net, so I ordered one and it arrived yesterday. Back to normal now thank you.
Amanda Burkins. Sydney NSW Australia

Saved My New Baby

I have been looking everywhere for exactly this cot safety net. My toddler is at the throwing stage and I was worried he would throw his toys etc into the cot and hit the new baby. I am so relieved, now I don’t have to worry. Thank you.
Samantha Riely, WA Australia

I Love It, Since 1998

I bought my Cot Tent in 1998, I used it for both of my children, before I gave it to my friend for her first baby and it is still going strong. Now I have just bought a second Cot Tent as a gift for my neighbour so they can keep their cat out of the baby’s cot. We all love your Cot Net and are very impressed with it.
Tanya Rae,  Tamborine Village QLD Australia 

Thurs 2 June 2016
Your Name:  Chaya Schneps

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Michele, G-d bless you for your safety net. We brought home a toddler we are adopting. We had no idea he was an Olympic gymnast… Tonight we will finally get sleep. Our son did a double-take when he saw the set up. He fussed for 10 minutes; usually an hour or more of yelling and gymnastics is the nightly routine. He is sleeping so peacefully. Thank you for being an amazing, inventive and caring mom.

Jacky wrote on 01/06/2016

Hi! I’m so excited to receive our baby crib tent! We’ve been waking up at all hours of the day and night to our baby walking around ready to party! I think (hope!) he’ll love being in a “clubhouse”. I was wondering how fast we can get it here?? Can you hear the desperation?? Thanks for listening!

Emily Warner

Thank you so much Michelle for your amazing invention! We are so appreciative! This will keep my little baby safe! Thanks again!!

Keeping Baby Safe

30th May 2015
Your Name:  Lyndsey Witmer

We Can Sleep AgainYour Review Here:
There is nothing worse than contacting a business about a concern and getting no response. I can assure you that this is something you will never experience when dealing with Michelle Wackrow, the inventor of this AMAZING product. I contacted her about my concerns surrounding my twin 2 1/2 year olds and she immediately responded and was willing to help in any way possible. At their age, my children have perfected the art of climbing out of their cribs. Due to the fact that I live in a small apartment, there are a lot of things in their room that are not child-proofed, and I was always concerned about them getting hurt while roaming the room. They would wake up in the morning and stealthily climb out so that I could not hear them, and then they would tear apart the room until I would finally hear them and wake up.

In reality they are probably ready for toddler beds, but they are very destructive children, and I do not have the space to remove everything from their room in order to keep them safe. This pop up safety net has been a godsend. It keeps my children safe, and I don’t have to worry anymore about them getting hurt. The safety net took literally 5 minutes to put up and is absolutely beautiful with the white color that is covered in iridescent moons and stars (along the top and bottom). My boys are a bit older than most using a safety net, but I told them that it was a tent and made it sound really cool and they have loved it since day one.

They sleep through the night with no problems and now I sleep through the night since I don’t have to worry about them anymore. I cannot say enough good things about this product and Michelle. When I say that this crib pop-up safety net and Michelle have been blessings, I truly mean that. As a mother, I can say with extreme certainty that you WILL be satisfied with this product. It is one product I will always stand by and tell every mother about! I cannot put into words my gratitude to Michelle for inventing such a wonderful and quality product!

We are loving the tents. In fact, my niece & nephew joined in today thinking the tents were a fun play house. How to keep baby in the crib.

We really love the tents. They are so sturdy, easy to set up and our kids think they are great. All of their friends want to play in them when they come over. They keep our kids safe & prevent them from climbing out, hurting themselves, or causing trouble. All of our friends are impressed with our ease of putting our kids down at bedtime, which only takes about 10 minutes. It’s due to the fact that they enjoy getting into their tents at night. Thank you Michelle!

Take care,  Laura

Happy Mother – Testimonial from Angela, describing the difference that the Aussie Net companies baby crib safety net has made to her life, she absolutely loves it. Angela is explaining that Michelle Wackrow gives a 100 % guarantee and responds quickly to any email inquiry.

This crib tent keeps the little one contained and the whole family is absolutely happy. She is recommending to any parent that wants to be assured their kid will get a good nights sleep to try the safety crib tent fore their kids.

Cat In The Baby’s Cot

I am a young first time mother, 7 months pregnant. We have a cat that thinks the baby’s nursery is for him, I have been finding him sleeping in the cot. I have been so worried about this I talked to my friends about what to do to stop him. My friends said cats are very territorial and I needed to find a way to keep the cat out of the baby’s cot. So I went online and found your website with the amazing Baby Crib Safety Net it was exactly what I was looking for, a crib net to keep cats off. I am so relieved now I can stop the cat and anything else from getting into the cot. Thank you so very much it’s an all-round great product and it looks lovely too.
Sandra Waith. Llandaff South Wales 

With the safety net fitted to Hayden’s cot I don’t have to worry about so many things that can happen to cause injury or worse. No worries now or as he gets older and starts climbing up down and over everything including the cot where he could have a nasty fall.

One of the things that impressed me was the size of the cot tent it is so spacious, the baby can stand up with plenty of room to spare. And you can keep it on the cot right up to when your baby starts to sleep in a bed. Also you can see through the netting easily when peeking in to check on your baby and this means the air flow in the cot is great too.

Your Cot Net is awesome, I love it and thank you so much for the fabulous invention well done.
I highly recommend the Baby Cot Safety Net to everyone.
Erin Hughs. Maleny QLD Australia 1998

 Hi Michelle,

We set up the crib nets last night. They are beautifully constructed, and I love the white colors.  The self lock zipper is brilliant. Even when escape artist Dylan pulled down the tent to reach the zipper she could not unzip herself. We told the girls they were princess Elsa’s princess ice castle tents from the movie Frozen.
13 December 2014 Laurie Lewin USA

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