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Are you having Sleepless Nights? Up and down all night putting your baby back in the cot. It’s time to get your sleep back with my Pop-up Cot Tent. Babies love the secure cosy feeling the tent gives them and they sleep better.

Safety First Cot Tent!  The hoops are made of spun wire have and have no beginning and no end.  They are self supporting, flexible and will always bounce back to it’s original shape. The cot nets Tailored design means it fits snugly to the inside of the cot and holds under the mattress. No loose netting so you baby can’t get tangled.

Baby Cot TentPop-up Cot Tent

Pop-Up Travel TentBaby Travel Tent

Having Trouble Keeping Your Child In Its Cot ?


Is you child the great escapist ?
Are you up all night putting your child back in its cot ?
We have the product solution for you
Get your Sleep back !!

Put an end to your exhaustion and frustration.
No more Sleepless nights !!

Exhausted ?  Don’t Put Your Child At Risk

You need to get your sleep back! – Keep your child in their cot with my Baby Cot Pop-Up Tent.
It fits snug into the cot and easy to assemble.

5 Reasons Why You Need My Baby Cot Safety Net

  1. Lack Of Sleep – We’re you up and down all night constantly putting your baby back in the cot?
  2. Mosquitos and Bugs – Do you live near waterways and trees ? Best mosquito net ever.
  3. Pets – Cats & Dogs – Are you looking for a way to cat proof your baby’s cot?
  4. Baby Getting Stuck In The Cot Rails !  This is what happened to baby Ashley
  5. Baby Constantly Climbing Out Of The Cot !

Look no further. My Cot Tent is the best and safest solution to your problems.


Please Know I Am Here To Help And I Pride Myself On Having Happy Customers.

 It is recommended that you use the Cot Pop-up Safety Net from the very beginning when your child is a new baby so that he or she grows up with the cot net and loving the net. The netting fabric is strong breathable mesh netting, tested for day to day use. Please remember it is fabric and is not designed to be in the middle of a toddler tantrum.

If the net is introduced to an older child after they have been allowed to climb in and out of their cot you will need to train your child to accept the cot net by introducing the cot net to them in a way that they will love it. This could be with the cot net out of the cot, place it on the floor with the mattress inside. You could have it for the first daytime nap on the floor in the family room and eventually it will be easy to transfer it to their cot.

If you have any questions please contact me before you purchase.

Disclaimer: Aussie Cot Net Co is the designer of the Cot Pop-up Safety Net and Travel Cot Pop-up Safety Net.
All care is taken to produce and supply a quality product free from defect.
The buyer is responsible for the secure installation of the product.
If the product is damaged at any time stop using it and remove it from the cot.
Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

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