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Can you use this on crib with a high back design?Five Stars

Yes. To install the tent, you need to stand the mattress up and the tent actually fits under the mattress and inside the crib. It ties to the 4 corner posts at multiple heights to secure it.
By Kandi Appel on July 23, 2016

I have a crib with a large head board it works fine. The net goes under the mattress and it’s really easy to install in the crib.
By Stephanie on July 23, 2016

I used it in a crib that can be turned into a double bed. So one side of crib the back side is higher because it’s the headboard and the front side is short so it can be used for footboard. I hope this helps to answer your question.
By Dorothy L. on July 26, 2016

Can you use the crib tent if the bed is at the highest position? I need to have it this way to reduce stress on back. My son is special needs.
asked by SM123 on May 13, 2016|

Absolutely! I have it for my son in that position because he was climbing out at 15 months old. Now he is 28 months and I still use it so I know that he is safe. I used to wake up and check on him with every little noise, now I know that he is safe.
Kandi Appel answered on May 14, 2016

Hi, yes you can use the crib tent with the crib base in the high position there are two sets of ties in each corner of the net you will see they are positioned for the crib tent being in either height position. I have quite a few parents with special needs children using my crib tent. Michelle Wackrow    Aussie0123  SELLER  answered on May 15, 2016

What is the difference between this one (selling for $200+ dollars) and other models around $50?
asked by Christopher J Smith on November 17, 2015

I can’t speak to the $50 model, but this one is rock solid. Its taught and spacious and installed easily. We’ve had it for ~3 months now and its been great. I was hesitant to try this one due to the price, but guessed the quality would be here. So far I think the gamble has paid off.
Ryan Fruchey answered on November 17, 2015Cot and Travel Cot Bundles

Much Much More than just a mosquito net.
As you can appreciate there as been a lot of research and development undertaken before I started selling my crib tent in 1998. I have exhibited at a number of Parent and Baby expos receiving first hand positive feedback from parents.
I receive emails every week from my customers thanking me for making my Crib Safety Net.
My crib popup safety net has been years in development and testing. The main safety features are my spun wire flexible frame, it is light weight and will always pop back to it’s original shape and position and the auto locking zip.
I sell many of my crib nets to medical foster parents for special needs children and to other related government departments in the USA.
My Crib Pop-up Safety Net is quality tested.
Crib Popup Safety Net products meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the date of purchase. I have been making and selling my crib nets for over 17 years and have conducted product testing and parent surveys at major baby expos, with great success. «
Aussie0123  SELLER  answered on November 22, 2015

Is it anchored inside the crib?
asked by Tequina on January 26, 2015

It isn’t anchored in the crib. The mattress lays on top of it so the weight of the baby and mattress hold it down. It is a tight fit so it doesn’t move around at all. This is our 2nd tent. They have been life savers for us since both of our boys are climbers.
Lisa S Prati answered on January 26, 2015

It is held inside the crib by the mattress. You place the tent in the crib, put the mattress inside the tent then tie the tent to crib at the My childs legs out of cot railscorners. Very simple. Total piece of mind that my son can’t climb out of crib and fall anymore! He now loves it too!
Theresa Arthur answered on January 26, 2015

Yes, there are ties from the outside of the tent that tie onto the crib. There is a video on how it works on the products website if you google it. Hope this helps! It has saved us and given many hours of peaceful sleep. She even sleeps better at night now that there is nothing to do!
Jennifer A Loving answered on January 26, 2015

Yes the mattress goes on top and the rest tucks beneath the mattress. It’s amazing and I highly recommend
Gary J. answered on January 26, 2015

When you put the crib tent inside the crib, it has a bottom part to it that’s as thin as a sheet…. then you put your mattress inside the opening of the crib tent and when it lays flat, the mattress will be on top of the bottom part of the crib tent… This is what helps “anchor it down”, hope this makes sense… plus it has 2 ties that you will tie to each end of the crib (kind of like you would if you had a bumper pad). I am so glad that we got this for our daughter, she likes it and it makes me feel so much better that she can’t get out of the crib. It is made really well… like a mesh material, bounces back if you lean on it and you can’t grab it. I looked for a long time and read a lot of reviews on crib tents and this one by far is the best that I’ve read about. Very happy with our purchase! Hope this helps with your decision. «
Jason answered on January 26, 2015

How is the tent attached inside crib?
asked by Charity Ingham on February 15, 2015

The tent fits inside the crib and then the mattress goes inside the tent. There are strings around the outside of the tent to tie around the rails of the crib.
Tanya C. answered on February 15, 2015Keep your baby safe

There are ties to tie off in each corner.
Jennifer A Loving answered on February 15, 2015

It goes under the mattress and ties to sides of crib.
Julia m answered on February 16, 2015

Hi Jason! My hubby and I just bought this tent a month ago and can’t imagine life without it!
You pop it up in your crib with the mattress out, place the mattress through the zip door and the mattress holds the tent in place from the inside and there are tie offs on the out side which attaches to the crib
Diana Keenan answered on February 17, 2015

It goes under the mattress. There are outside strings you attach to the crib. You will love the product. I have a 27 month old who was a climber. I told him he is getting a castle for his crib. He adjusted no problem. And now when I kiss him good night he tells me to “zip it or close it”, the opening of the crib that is:)
Denisa Burr answered on February 20, 2015

Hi Jason, I see you have some very good answers to your question. I have designed my crib net to fit as many cribs as possible. Please note the corner ties can tie to the 4 corner posts and if your crib has a solid back then tie to the closest available slat on the ends. I hope this is helpful to all. Michelle
Aussie0123  SELLER  answered on February 26, 2015

Hi Jason–the bottom of the tent fits around and under the mattress like a fitted sheet would. It also has ties on each of the four corners to secure it to the crib. It works very well, the little one can’t climb out and actually likes it because it is a tent. Apparently in March they will be making one for a pack n’ play. I only wish they had made it sooner. Good luck!
Bryan D. answered on February 15, 2015

Stop my child climbing out of the cotQuestion:
Is this appropriate for an older toddler? Ours is 2.5 and very determined to get out.

Hi thanks for asking. Yes my crib net is ideal for toddlers of all ages. With a determined escape artist like you toddler I suggest you introduce the crib net out of the crib by setting it up with the crib mattress on the floor of the family room, don’t pay too much attention to it and leave the zips open so your toddler can explore it and play and nap in the crib net before you move it to the crib. I do offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. I hope this is helpful. Michelle
By Aussie0123 SELLER on August 29, 2016

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